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Leverage certificates, cryptocurrencies, futures contracts or exchange traded funds?

We have a better idea: Agricultural and timberland investments.

Long-term direct investment in agricultural land and timberland won't make you rich overnight, but it will keep you that way and let you sleep better. Particularly for investors who are more interested in long-term security and capital growth than short-term cash flow, agricultural land and timberland – inflation-proof material assets – are an excellent option for adding security and minimising risk by diversifying a portfolio.

A new road, an unaccustomed challenge – even on unfamiliar terrain, with a partner which has proven its dependability, expertise, confidentiality, and ability to sustainably and successfully manage the material assets for many years after purchase, you can still find your way to your personal goal.

SilvaVest GmbH: As an independent consultancy and service provider for investments in sustainable land use, we have been providing comprehensive support for buyers and sellers of agricultural land and timberland with expertise and discretion since 2004 – rooted in Germany, but networked globally.

On behalf of our clients – primarily families and institutional investors we have acquired more than 200,000 hectares of agricultural land and timberland, primarily in Canada and the USA. Furthermore, we successfully and sustainably manage these properties on behalf of the owners in conjunction with local partners.

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