General Terms and Conditions of Business for SilvaVest GmbH, Münster

Last updated: January 2019

The purpose of the business is to perform and provide a full range of advisory, scientific, appraisal and engineering tasks and services in the fields of agriculture, forestry and the timber industry, agricultural, forest and landscape ecology, protection of the climate, environment and nature, conservation, landscape planning, the wood biomass renewable energy industry and all related work both in Germany and abroad.

The company may engage in all transactions which are directly or indirectly appropriate to this purpose. This includes marketing land for direct investment in Germany and abroad (brokerage) as well as providing advice on land-related issues to investors as part of the investment process.

SilvaVest GmbH works for its clients on the basis of a search and consultancy mandate or on the basis of a Nachweisbestätigung (a document certifying that a broker has introduced a client to a piece of real estate) and brokerage agreements. These General Terms and Conditions of Business will apply unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing between the client and SilvaVest GmbH.

SilvaVest GmbH mandates are concluded and executed exclusively in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions of Business or Contractual Conditions, unless otherwise agreed in writing in the mandate or contract. If the client’s own terms and conditions stand in contradiction to our own, they shall not apply unless and until they have been acknowledged in writing. Accordingly, the currently applicable version of our General Terms and Conditions of Business will apply unless otherwise agreed in writing. To obtain a copy of our terms and conditions, please contact us.