Buy agricultural land or timberland? Current offers

We have established an international network of high-quality contacts, and we boast in-depth knowledge and experience in locating, selecting, appraising and providing detailed investment advice for the purchase and successful long-term management of large agricultural lands and timberlands both in Germany and abroad.

For many years, the market has been characterised by growing demand and an ever-shrinking supply. So, it would be a very fortunate coincidence indeed if your perfect piece of real estate in just the right area happened to be on the market at just the right time – and had not yet been sold. That’s why when we go looking for the right piece of land which meets your precise specifications, we look for land which has not yet been offered on the public market.

Arrange a no-commitment appointment with us. We will be happy to outline our ideas for an exclusive search and advisory mandate personally tailored to your needs.

By successfully completing investments in a total of over 200,000 hectares of land over the last years, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for major private and institutional timberland owners, particularly in North America. This enables us to acquire agricultural land and woodland for our clients before it comes onto the market.

Especially real-estate owners with whom we have worked successfully for years grant us the exclusive right to market their agricultural and forest land or private hunting property to our clients. We currently have the following options available, all of which have been carefully appraised by us. We ensure reliable long-term management via local providers.

  • USA, Maine: 5,600 hectares of mixed softwood forest including three forest lakes, fully consolidated
  • USA, Alabama: 1,700 hectares of vigorous pine with a good portion of hardwood (approx. 25%); 2 lots
  • Germany, Saxony-Anhalt: two parcels of private hunting land (“Eigenjagd”, 129 hectares and 140 hectares
  • Ontario, Canada: 146,000 hectares of semi-natural, species-rich, boreal mixed forest with more than 100 km of river and lake shores, fully accessible