Sell agricultural land or woodland

Clients wishing to sell real estate usually want to affect the transaction discreetly and confidentially, and achieve the best possible price. For our clients, institutional investors and private investors, we look for large parcels of agricultural land and timberland, with a particular focus on Germany, the EU, North America and South America. With us, you can expect discretion, as well as proven expertise in agricultural land, private hunting properties, timberland and timber.

Entrust your land sale to professionals with an extensive network of domestic and international contacts. Take advantage of our contacts with institutional and private investors. For our registered clients, we are looking for investment opportunities starting at about €1 million and/or properties large enough to be a private hunting estate (“Eigenjagd”).

Join us for a no-commitment meeting in a relaxed, confidential atmosphere – behind closed doors or out in the woods. We will be happy to provide an expert, non-binding valuation of your agricultural land, timberland or private hunting land. We know what your agricultural land or timberland is really worth and how to sell it.

Our strictly private, in-house sales process, involving a small circle of registered and selected clients, guarantees you a smooth sale for the highest price. We act for a number of families who have invested in land with us, primarily in the US and Canada, and who are additionally seeking to purchase woodland in Germany or Central Europe.