About us / history

Our company name and logo tells you all you need to know about the key elements of our corporate design and corporate identity – ‘Silva’ for forest, ‘Vest’ for investment. The colours green and brown symbolise timberland and agricultural land, plus soil as a foundation for investment and growth. The ‘Sustainable Land Use Assets’ text in the logo hints at our international orientation, as well as the sustainable approach taken by our company. With us, clients pursue economic, social and ecological goals.

The official purpose of SilvaVest – Gesellschaft für nachhaltige Agrar- und Waldinvestments mbH is to perform and provide a full range of scientific, consulting, appraisal and engineering tasks and services in the fields of agriculture, forestry and the timber industry, agricultural, forest and landscape ecology, protection of the climate, environment and nature, conservation, landscape planning, renewable wood energy and all related work, both in Germany and abroad.

On behalf of our clients, we have acquired and are managing over 240,000 hectares of timberland and agricultural land, primarily in Canada and the US, making us one of Europe’s leading consulting and asset management businesses for direct investments in the agricultural and forestry sectors. Our clients are primarily wealthy families, family offices, businesses and institutional investors.

Since January 1, 2019, we, SilvaVest GmbH, are the full legal successors to Wald-Consult Ltd, founded in 2004 in Birmingham, England. This follows a change of legal form in light of the Brexit process. SilvaVest comprises the same team and is located at the same premises in Münster, Germany. The legal form was changed via a cross-border merger in accordance with EU Directive 2005/56/EC and with relevant UK and German legal and tax regulations.