Climate protection and sustainability at SilvaVest

Climate protection as set out in the UN’s sustainable development goals, and sustainability in its broadest sense are something we at SilvaVest take very seriously. We endeavour to meet our responsibilities by following the ‘reduce, substitute, offset’ principle for carbon emissions. It therefore goes without saying that we use renewable energy in both of our offices.

But forests and their main product – the key future resource wood – are major players in the global climate. In 2018, at Katowice, the international community declared the 2-degree goal to be unattainable without forests and greater use of wood.

The forests we manage on behalf of our clients sustainably store more than 17 million tons of CO2 in wood alone, and the way we manage these forests ensures that they store a net several hundred thousand additional tons of CO2 every year. These are huge numbers, but we knew that we needed to do more.

Therefore, we have compensated our CO2 emissions that cannot be reduced or substituted via a reforestation project of PRIMAKLIMA e.V. and thus made ourselves climate neutral. The offsetting will take place through reforestation in a Gold Standard certified project in Bolivia in 2019 and in Nicaragua in 2020.

Forest, climate protection and development

“In 2020, we have chosen Bolivia as the country. Bolivia is one of the countries where poverty is one of the main reasons for the destruction of the cloud forests in the Andes and the tropical Amazon rainforest in the lowlands. Combating the causes of deforestation is therefore just as important in terms of climate protection and the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as reforestation and thus the protection of forests that still exist. Bolivia and the PRIMAKLIMA e.V. association were not chosen at random. After all, I spent four years in Bolivia as a development aid worker on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1989 onwards. 2021 we compensate in Nicaragua, also one of the poorest and strongly from deforestation affected countries in Latin America. I appreciate the charitable work of PRIMAKLIMA very much!”

Prof. Dr. Andreas Schulte, managing partner