Since January 1, 2019, we, SilvaVest GmbH, are the full legal successors to Wald-Consult Ltd., which was founded in 2004 in Birmingham, England. This follows a change of legal form in light of the Brexit process. SilvaVest GmbH comprises the same team and is located at the same premises in Münster, Germany. The legal form was changed via a cross-border merger in accordance with EU Directive 200/56/EC and with relevant UK and German legal and tax regulations.

Mergers are often motivated by strategic, financial or personal considerations. This was not the case here, however – we were entirely happy with the way our limited company was developing, and Ltd. is also the company form which is most widely recognised globally. The change of legal form was motivated solely by Brexit, and the resulting threat that UK companies could lose their freedom of establishment in the EU, together with the inability of politicians to offer solutions for the many hundreds of thousands of EU-based limited companies.

It was important to us that nothing should change for our existing and future clients. Through a cross-border merger, all of the rights and obligations of Wald-Consult Limited have been transferred to SilvaVest GmbH. This has enabled us to ensure that all employment contracts, tenancy agreements, partnership agreements, mandates and other agreements have been transferred in full.

The purpose of SilvaVest – GmbH is to perform and provide a full range of scientific, advisory, appraisal and engineering tasks and services in the fields of agriculture, forestry and the timber industry, agricultural, forest and landscape ecology, protection of the climate, environment and nature, conservation, landscape planning, the wood biomass renewable energy industry and all related work both in Germany and abroad.