Our partners

It would not be possible to deliver the wide range of services we provide from our base in Münster, Germany without an international network of contacts and partnerships with law firms, surveyors, forestry service providers, tax consultants, auditors, marketing agencies, aerial photography and GIS specialists, etc. By delegating tasks to external service providers, we have, over many years, developed a large number of successful long-term partnerships.

Particularly important for ensuring commercial success are the local property managers with whom SilvaVest manages these operations on behalf of our clients. On the basis of goals and fundamental principles laid down by the owner, they take on the full range of tasks involved in sustainably managing and protecting the land. From maintaining roads and trails to logging, coordinating hunting to selling timber, from paying property tax to bookkeeping and organising a management bank account.

Below you can find a selected sample of our partners in Germany and elsewhere. For confidentiality reasons, we are, however, unable to name the large, institutional landowners in Canada and the USA in particular who, for many years, have been offering us agricultural and timberland for our clients without previously advertising that land on marketing platforms.

Partners / links

Without a large, international network of partner companies, it would be impossible for SilvaVest GmbH, with a team the size of a large family office, to acquire timberland and agricultural land in many different countries and manage it for long-term success. Below we showcase a selection of our partners with links to their websites.

Wirth, Schmies und Partner

Germany: our tax advisors and auditors


Cows Online GmbH

Germany: our web agency


Die Lounge

Germany: our creative agency for video production



US: our partner for market data and reports on prices in the southeastern United States


Sewall Forestry & Natural Resource Consulting

US and Canada: one of our forestry service providers in North America


Prentiss & Carlisle

US and Canada: one of our forest service providers in North America



Germany: our non-profit organisation for climate protection/carbon neutrality


American Forest Management, Inc.

US: one of our forest service providers in North America


Forisk Consulting

US: our service provider for forestry and timber industry news and market information in North America


Holder AG

US: Our partner for surveying agricultural land in the southeastern United States



Germany: our partner for forest valuations and forest inventories in Germany


Wagner Forest Management, Ltd.

US and Canada: one of our forest service providers in North America


Laidlaw Paciocco Dumanski Spadafora & Johnson LLP

Canada: our partner for the legal support of sales contracts in Ontario / Canada



US and Canada: our partner for high-quality wood products in North America



Canada: our partner for the legal support of sales contracts in Nova Scotia / Canada