Values and responsibility

We believe that achieving a return for owners (our clients) through sustainable management whilst at the same time protecting nature, species, soil and the climate is a challenge, not a contradiction. In managing over 240,000 hectares of timberland and agricultural land on behalf of our clients, we are actively working towards many of the UN’s sustainable development goals (see graphic below), and despite this – or in our opinion precisely because of it – have, over the last few years, achieved returns of between 4.2 % and over 17 %.

Such an achievement takes values, a long-term vision and powerful partners. That applies in particular for investors who as yet have little or no expertise in the asset classes timberland and agricultural land. At SilvaVest GmbH, we see ourselves as expert consultants and asset managers who help you make successful business decisions based on thorough market analysis and an honest risk assessment.

With a good deed into the new year

The year 2020 was a challenge for everyone.
For this very reason, we not only want to do our part to protect the climate, but also take responsibility in the social sphere.

We have decided to support the following three non-profit institutions with 1,000 euros each in 2020:

Why buy timberland and agricultural land with us?

Three values, three reasons to choose us

ESG (Environment Social Governance)

„Direct investment in forests is considered the mother of all ESG-compliant, sustainable investment options worldwide. The timberland and agricultural land we manage on our clients’ behalf contributes to 11 of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals. These include, for example, the protection of watercourses and lakes by creating buffer zones (6 & 14), protecting species and nature by not cultivating rare biotopes such as marshland and moist forests (15), opening up forests for leisure and sporting use (3) and job creation, especially in rural areas (8 & 1).”

Dr. Marie-Louise Klare, landscape ecologist, team member since 2014