Afforestation, forest conservation and carbon credits

Investing in timberland and afforestation projects sends out a clear message, “We are part of the solution to the climate change problem.” Forests and their main product – the key future resource wood – are major players in the global climate. In 2018, at Katowice, the international community declared the 2-degree goal to be unattainable without forests and greater use of wood.

The ‘reduce, substitute, offset’ principle for carbon emissions involves companies taking active responsibility for protecting the climate. Direct investments in and sustainable management of timberland, and direct investments in afforestation and reforestation projects protect wealth from inflation, have very low correlation with other asset classes and can also be successful long-term climate offset projects with carbon certificates.

In addition, natural forest acts like a giant air conditioner, protects the soil, provides a habitat for a wide range of plants and animals, provides jobs in rural areas and provides a space to relax in – even (or especially) in times of crisis!

In the past and present, across an area of land totalling roughly 240,000 hectares, we have demonstrated to our clients that, even in exceptional times, direct investment in timberland can achieve competitive returns and make a sustainable contribution to protecting the climate, countryside and wildlife.

As a leading independent consultant in the sustainable land use assets field, we have been providing HNWIs, companies and institutions with bespoke wealth protection solutions since 2004. Our services also encompass successful long-term management, including carbon credit generation, after purchase.