Philosophy / values

Long-term success requires values, a long-term vision and powerful partners. That applies in particular for investors who have little or no expertise in the asset classes agricultural land and timberland. At SilvaVest GmbH, we see ourselves as expert consultants and service providers who help you make successful business decisions based on thorough market analysis and honest risk assessments.

It is our philosophy that independence is an essential prerequisite for properly advising our clients. SilvaVest GmbH sees itself, not as a broker or provider of our own in-house products, like a bank or financial services provider, rather we offer advice and seek out suitable investments which meet the client’s objectives. That is why we can afford to advise our clients to find the right solution – not just our own in-house solution or whatever happens to be available at the time.

Service means: Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to be focused, fast, cost-conscious, professional and friendly in providing our services, with the aim of consistently meeting the expectations of our clients.

Over the course of many years of working as a specialist consultancy and service provider, we have earned our clients’ trust. We are confident that you too will come to view SilvaVest GmbH as a byword for expertise, quality, loyalty, dependability, fairness and success.

Sustainability is at the heart of our approach both during consultancy work prior to the purchase and when it comes to managing your agricultural land or woodland after the purchase. The original meaning of sustain is ‘to be long-lasting, to endure’. We value long-term, enduring partnerships. The German word for sustainability (Nachhaltigkeit) originated in forestry over 300 years ago, and relates not just to sustainability in the environmental and social sense, but also to economic sustainability.

To us, ecological, social and economic success do not stand in opposition, but represent the fundamental pillars of our approach.